About me

Two years ago, at the age of 51, I started experiencing symptoms that were familiar to me. I have a parent with PD. I embarked on an intensive regimen using detox, keto diet, exercise, etc, following the advice of a natropath and the people on these pages. My symptoms initially faded, though have returned. Whatever my prognosis, I know I’m creating a stronger health foundation and developing wellness practices for life. I’ve become a believer in early-as-possible, multi-pronged interventions to slow or stop the progress of Parkinson's. 

This site is not meant as a replacement for medical advice or treatment, nor does it endorse any particular practitioner, theory or treatment. Rather it’s a storehouse of ideas and resources, many of which I came upon, when I was feeling overwhelmed and  alone in what I was going through. The innovators and self-experimenters listed here offered grounded actions to take; I believe they’re creating a new narrative and pathway for people with Parkinson's. I also hope that young people with genetic predisposition or family histories might be mobilized to change diets, address systemic issues and perhaps prevent the development of Parkinson’s altogether. Since my symptoms emerged, I’ve spent many hours researching PD causes and treatments, and am grateful to those who have provided their insights and expertise in an open forum. This is my attempt to assist in their efforts.