Subverting Parkinson’s

Dedicated to the possibility of subverting, slowing, reversing, and even preventing Parkinson’s disease, this site is animated by the idea of achieving agency over one’s treatment and increasing quality of life. Subverting Parkinson’s does not endorse any treatment or modality, but instead seeks to compile alternative PD narratives and resources.


A Compendium of Novel Approaches to PD

Featuring practitioners, thinkers and resources that approach PD from novel and holistic vantage points, Subverting Parkinson’s also chronicles individuals who have become researchers and self-experimenters, often reversing or slowing their PD symptoms.


Who This Site Is For

For people who are animated by curiosity to understand and heal from Parkinson’s and to live a fully engaged life with this diagnosis. For people interested in alternative and holistic treatment. It’s also for those with early undiagnosed symptoms, genetic predispositions or family histories of PD who are interested in delay or prevention.  

This site is still under construction Jan 2019